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Bossa Nova 25 Brazilian Style Chocolate Truffles

Bossa Nova 25 Brazilian Style Chocolate Truffles

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A classic assorted chocolate selection of Milk, Dark and White chocolate truffles.

Bossa Nova Brazilian chocolates are made using Fairtrade chocolate and natural ingredients which are sourced from sustainable and ethical farms. The chocolates are produced in small batches, the artisan way, to ensure the highest quality and freshness!

This assortment of chocolates is perfect as a Christmas or housewarming gift, a present for a special someone or an indulgence for yourself!

Containing a selection of their finest chocolates and truffles, this assortment will also contain capuccino cups and our Marc de Champagne chocolate hearts (which contain alcohol). Bossa Nova chocolate is gluten-free and completely delicious - a taste of Brazil with the style and vibrant flavour which you'd expect of a South American influence!

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