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Melt Chocolate Slab Gift Box

Melt Chocolate Slab Gift Box

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With Melt’s chocolate slab gift box they prioritise minimalism. Minimalism means more cocoa, more chocolate and less packaging. Melt’s chocolate slabs are simplicity in design yet no compromise on taste. Naturally delicious.

This chocolate slab gift box offers six different flavours of chocolate slabs. Great gift for your chocoholic friend! We all have one!

Pistachio & Raspberry

Pistachio is the king of nuts coming direct from the earthly paradise of the hanging gardens of Babylon, we have enrobed it in chocolate and raspberry.

Fruits of the Forest

Fruits of the forest berries and white chocolate – think of a luxurious black forest gateau.

Matcha & Cherry

Matcha chocolate with sour cherry. Think of the legendary Japanese Cherry blossom captured on our Matcha Slab.


Tropical Paradise: Coco-nut & Cocoa make the perfect couple. Milk chocolate sprinkled with toasted coconut.

Roasted Hazelnut

Good design is about removing excess and rejoicing in simplicity.  The natural simplicity lightly roasted piedmont hazelnuts and poured over tempered chocolate. The beauty of chocolate and nuts cannot be beaten.

Salted Caramelised Almonds & Caramelised Chocolate

Once you try a piece you won’t be able to stop! This is by far the most addictive chocolate we have, with its sweet and salty blend it’s going to be hard not to repeat.

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