We're called Harvest & GREEN for a reason!

Floristry is often reliant on plastics and other undesirable waste, we want to help end that!

We're still evolving but here are some of the efforts that we are currently employing to make our floral work more planet friendly:

  • Our gorgeous bouquets are tied with natural twine and carefully wrapped using brown paper and biodegradable tissue, then sealed with brown paper tape.
  • To keep your blooms as fresh as possible our aqua-pack wrap is made using biodegradable cellophane.
  • Our flower food sachets are made from brown paper versus the standard plastic alternative. 
  • Each bouquet is hand delivered to you in a fully recyclable box.
  • To reduce our green waste we've created Fleeting Florals. These are small bouquets of flowers made from not-so-perfect or slightly more mature blooms that can still bring you joy for a short period of time at the lower price.
  • You can now plant our message cards too! These cards have beautiful vintage botanical illustrations and are printed on seed paper that can be planted. By dissolving the paper you can unveil a bunch of seeds that will grow into gorgeous wild flowers! 
  • Apart from our permanently installed arch in store, we don't use any artificial flowers. Instead, we're focusing on fresh or dried blooms keeping everything fully natural.